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About us

The production of tyres in Ethiopia goes back to 1972, when Addis Tyre S.C. (ATC) the first of its kind in the country, was established with a yearly production capacity of 60,000 tyres and 45,000 tubes and a total labor force of 260 people.

Major inputs and raw materials for tyre manufacturing are imported from Malaysia, India, China, Indonesia, Egypt and Europe. Natural Rubber is one of the major inputs.

After subsequent joint venture formation between Addis Tyre S.C. (Government Owned) and the Slovakian renowned tyre manufacturer, MATADOR –A.S. was established in June 2004 and the operation commenced in July 2004 with the hybrid trade name MATADOR-Addis Tyre S.C. However, due to shift in business focus, MATADOR-Addis Tyre S.C. transferred its share to Continental AG on October 23, 2007. Continental AG, the world known German tyre manufacturer company, has bought all Matador holding companies in Slovakia, Russia and Ethiopia.

Due to lack of concentration of continental AG, there was no significant progress on the commitment of MATADOR-Addis Tyre S.C. in terms of upgrading the existing Bias tyre technology and commencement of Truck Radial tyre production. Continental AG rather preferred to sale its share to a potential strong national investor who can discharge all joint venture obligations.

It was then, that the dedicated and committed investor for the development of Ethiopia, Sheikh Mohammed H. Al- Amoudi, decided to buy the share of Continental AG through one of his group companies, Horizon Plantation P.L.C. in January 2011. Since the ownership transfer the name of the company changed to Horizon Addis Tyre S. C. and currently the Horizon Plantation P.L.C owns 100% share of the company.

The future perspective of Horizon Addis Tyre S.C. thus includes, among others, of improving quality and performance of existing nylon products, introducing new product categories. Innovation in manufacturing practices for higher productivity and consistent quality products and developing technical know- how are in the immediate programs of the company.

A technical Assistance Agreement has been signed with continental AG that enabled Horizon Addis Tyre S.C. to acquire technology know- how and capacity building of making 15” & 16” light truck radial tyres that are already successfully commercialized. In line with the company’s product diversification projects, the company also launched the manufacturing of Bajaj tyre, Farm tyre, OTR tyre and Industry tyre and started delivering them to the local market. Moreover, the company also commenced manufacturing Flotation Tyres which are used by sugar factories. The project study for the manufacturing of truck and bus radial tyres is also finalized.

The company has created job opportunity to date, for 777 workers while the number will increase to 850 with the full implementation of the ongoing projects and will be much more when the Truck and Bus Radial tyre production project will be implemented.



Latest News

Recently, Horizon Addis Tyre S. C. highly diversified the type of tyres that it is manufacturing. In addition to the PC, LT and TB diagonal tyres that it was producing, it is now manufacturing PC and LT radial tyres, new HT series diagonal tyres of all categories, Forklift tyre, Farm tyre, OTR tyre, Three Wheeler (Bajaj) tyre and Flotation tyre.






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