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Passanger Car

Made for high speed drive,
Suitable for high ways,
urban and paved roads.

Light truck

Provides traction
and durability on both
paved and unpaved roads.

Truck Bus

Unique and tough pattern
designed for vehicles which
work on rough terrain or
on and off roads. 

About Horizon Addis Tyre

The production of tyres in Ethiopia goes back to 1973, when Addis Tyre S.C. (ATC) the first of its kind in the country, was established with a yearly production capacity of 60,000 tyres and a total labor force of 260 people.

Major inputs and raw materials for tyre manufacturing are imported from Malaysia, India, China, Indonesia, Egypt and Europe. Natural Rubber is one of the major inputs. Among those imported raw materials, the price of natural rubber is constantly growing.

Latest News

Recently, Horizon Addis Tyre S. C. highly diversified the type of tyres that it is manufacturing. In addition to the PC, LT and TB diagonal tyres that it was producing, it is now manufacturing PC and LT radial tyres, new HT series diagonal tyres of all categories, Forklift tyre, Farm tyre, OTR tyre, Three Wheeler (Bajaj) tyre and Flotation tyre.






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