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Explanations for some of the questions rose commonly.

  • How important is inflation pressure for tyre life? What is the damage or failure occurs due to over inflation or under inflation?
  • Where can I get the correct inflation pressure for the tyre size?
  • What is the common tyre damage or failure due to improper usage of tyres?
  • I have observed on my car tyres wear on one side shoulder of the tyres, what could be the reason?
  • Where should I fit new radial tyres I bought from your company? Is it important to fit tyres by machine?

Latest News

Recently, Horizon Addis Tyre S. C. highly diversified the type of tyres that it is manufacturing. In addition to the PC, LT and TB diagonal tyres that it was producing, it is now manufacturing PC and LT radial tyres, new HT series diagonal tyres of all categories, Forklift tyre, Farm tyre, OTR tyre, Three Wheeler (Bajaj) tyre and Flotation tyre.






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